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▶ Artesia aug 13 – YouTube

August 14, 2014 at 1:37 am
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▶ Artesia aug 13 – YouTube.


Artesia 8/13/14 Such a long and tiring day. So many things that are so unbelievable. I am rarely speechless. One good thing, before the lawyers came the Machine was denying 120 credible fear interviews a week. It is now down to 34! Proof that most of those denials were blatantly wrong and purposefully meant to deny these women and children due process. Today they suddenly decided that the women could not wait in the same room any more, so they took them all away and would only bring them in a few at a time. They supposedly brought 3 people in to see us and then when we called them they couldn’t find them…they couldn’t find these 3 adults and their kids…people that are supposedly such a threat to national security that they cannot give them bonds. They just misplaced them. They make it more difficult to access things. They call the women pigs and dogs when they line up to eat. The punish them by not feeding them. The last woman i talked to was crying because her son was so hungry he was crying and she had been asking for a lawyer for weeks and they finally got her to see us and her review with the Judge is FRIDAY. She got a negative credible fear finding on her case that she clearly should have qualified for because of DV. She was begging for help. And she cried more when I said that I promised someone would meet with her and prep her and go to the hearing with her. I met with another women minutes before they kicked us out of the room and she, too had never had a lawyer during her process. She had been denied and now has a final order and is waiting for deportation. I read her interview and it was terrible. The worst interview I have ever read. I told her that she very well might not have a case but no one had ever listened to her and I promised that someone would actually sit down and listen to her story…someone who cared. She cried and cried. thanking just for listening

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