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David Leopold: March Sadness

March 19, 2012 at 3:55 pm
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David Leopold: March Sadness.


I was outraged, as I so often am by the poor sportsmanship and bigoted display shown by Southern Miss when the band apparently started chanting “show us your green card” to  a hispanic player over the weekend.  I also mention that this particular latino, was a native of Puerto Rico and a US Citizen.  But that isn’t even really the point.  It is exactly these sentiments that have become practically acceptable speech in our political arena when discussing immigration.  As David Leopold points out in his op-ed piece for Huffington Post, the barely coded hate speech of the anti-immigration, restrictionist movement has created a climate of intolerance and hatred towards all latinos.  Until we hold our public officials to a higher standard in their rhetoric, these kind of hateful displays will continue.

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