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The Law Offices of Angela L. Williams, LLC » Something on Courage as we end 2011

Something on Courage as we end 2011

December 30, 2011 at 4:30 pm
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Sometimes I need to remember this to keep things in perspective.  As we end 2011 and move on to 2012 I am reminded of my clients who are braving untold hardships in trying to make their lives better, keep their families together, escape from poverty, violence and hopelessness.  In choosing to do what I do I realize that there are many battles I will lose, our laws have not caught up to our realities and until that happens we will we will continue to cause chaos that I believe we will be dealing with for years and years to come.  After every battle lost (and every battle won for that matter) we who care about our immigrant clients and their families trying to forge ahead in our brave new world, have to continue to  keep in mind why we do this.  Because we have to.  Because someone has to.  Because it is the right thing to do even when it breaks our hearts.  

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