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The Law Offices of Angela L. Williams, LLC » South Carolina Voter ID Law: Justice Department Blocks Controversial Legislation

South Carolina Voter ID Law: Justice Department Blocks Controversial Legislation

December 23, 2011 at 7:16 pm
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South Carolina Voter ID Law: Justice Department Blocks Controversial Legislation.


This is excellent news.  Kansas Also passed a law similar to this last year.  Ostensibly it is to prevent voter fraud, however, at least here in Kansas it was a thinly veiled shot at more state based immigration reform.  In Kansas this crusade was lead by Kris “One Trick Pony” Kobach who was elected to the position of Secretary of State in Kansas during the last election literally by inventing an issue and getting people all upset about it.  He ran on a ticket of knocking out voter fraud from, what he claims is a rash of illegal immigrants voting in Kansas stealing…STEALING I TELL YOU, the elections, and thus democracy and freedom itself.  FYI the former Secretary of State, who barely put up any real campaign at all thinking this was such a no brainer low visibility position, indicated many times that there had not been a voter fraud problem in Kansas.  Kobach himself can’t even seem to present any evidence that this nefarious democracy stealing plot actually exists or that voter fraud in Kansas exists at all or even to the extent that it actually influenced an election. He claims on the SOS website that there have been 221 cases of reported voter fraud (note it doesn’t say confirm but he doesn’t let that stop him) from 1997-2010 in Kansas!  Oh no..maybe there is a serious problem..maybe we do need to re-write the job description of the Secretary of State to make him a policing office like Kobach has tried to do since he was elected, and we certainly need to speed loads of money on a complicated voter id system that will certainly keep all of these plotting, freedom stealing illegals from doing what they have clearly paid thousands of dollars to dangerous coyotes to sneak them into the country in the trunks of cars…vote in local elections (hey and if we disenfranchise some poor (read minority) too so much the better.)  Because with 221 REPORTED cases of election fraud from 1997-2010 we clearly have a problem serious enough to work ourselves into a blind frenzy because that is …wait…let me do the math…hmmm this doesn’t seem right…17 a year?

Nonetheless he is the king of “if-I-say-it-enough-times-with-my-ken-doll-smile-and-with-enough-authority-it-must-be-true” and trotted out the likes of the disgraced Sherriff Joe Arpio to his fund raising events and got enough blind followers angry that he got himself elected.  Seriously on the basis of a reported 17 incidents of voter fraud a year for the last 13 years…What’s the matter with Kansas.

We have been suffering ever since as he has used his new office not to issue notary certificates but to push freshman senators in Kansas to support a litany of anti-immigration laws.  (None of them passed last year but no doubt he will be at it again for this session.)

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